Family FATbike Guided Tour
Customized, Private and Fully-Supported Northwoods Family FATbike Guided Tour!

Bicycle Adventure and Beyond!

Up North Guided Tours is your go-to for small group, fully-supported Fat Biking, Snowshoeing, Hiking and local lake Canoeing in the Cable Area of Northwest Wisconsin!  Guiding is our focus, but please know that we will rent you our higher-end equipment for your own self-guided adventures as well.  Since opening in the Fall of 2016 as a bicycle adventure company our guided tours have always been private and custom-tailored to any skill level, and they continue to be our take on Northwoods outdoor recreation and hospitality.  We offer you opportunity to re-connect with nature and your closest in a logistics-free fashion, as our sole purpose is to provide you with memorable outdoor experience.  We do it by blending sports, adding culinary treats, and utilizing higher-end equipment/backcountry routes/an experienced guide who is a Wilderness First Responder.

Snow Bike Zen
Snow Bike Zen

Custom Guided Tours

We offer 2 types of Day Trips and 2 mostly all-inclusive Over-Nighters in the Cable Area so you can enjoy beautiful places folks do not find on their own!  Our Day Trips are either 1/2 or Full-Day excursions, and our Over-Nighters are either One or Two Night Camping Trips.  We are available to guide with your reservations made in advance, we can guide during any season except mud, we guide during both day and night hours, and our equipment and either at least a cookout or a meal prepared before your tour is included in guided tour pricing.

Regarding COVID-19 and beyond: your guide is fully vaccinated (2 doses Moderna) as of 5/10/2021 and boostered as of 12/15/2021, and his household is fully vaccinated as of 6/5/2021 and boostered as of 12/20/2021; we are only open for small/private groups of guided tour participants who make reservations in advance; we sanitize commonly used surfaces before/after each tour; all culinary and camping equipment sanitized after each tour; masks worn pre/post tour and while preparing cookouts; medical gloves worn while preparing cookouts; rigorous hand washing employed; social D maintained; and almost all of what we do is done Outdoors and moreover, in the Backcountry!  
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Paddle out, Ride back!
Canoe Packing, a Multi-Sport Day Trip!
Couples getaway on Fat Bike in the big hills during peak Fall season.
Couple’s getaway! came up for a customized FATbike tour and stir fry cooked over coals in the great outdoors!
Path less Traveled!

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Support equipment.
True support takes a comprehensive set of equipment!

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Blog #7: Fat Bike, Falling w/o Getting Hurt

Fat Bike Enduro Feature
Rode it all the time, then one slippery day, I fell backwards down it! Past experiences including misadventures help promote safety while guiding.

Why Fat Bike?

2 Brothers riding fat bikes down snow groomed trail in Winter.
Fat Tired Bikes open up all sorts of riding possibilities.
FATbike Freeriding
Big Line, Backcountry!

Simple, versatility and stability.  Wide wheels on bikes not only can be ridden over most types of terrain under most weather conditions (with a couple simple component switch-outs), they create more rider stability and are thereby safer, flat out enhancing your experience!  We custom fit you on one of our Borealis, Surly and Salsa Fatbikes and provide you with a Specialized helmet as a part of your guided tour since we know a good fit and quality equipment matter.

Why Canoe Local Lakes?

Boys paddling a canoe on a Northwoods lake.
Memories of canoeing Northwoods lakes last a lifetime!

Fall Paddle

Canoeing is the traditional form of Northwoods water travel.  It is that to this day, but it also provides outdoor recreation that leaves no trace!  Working in unison as a small team of two or three, synchronicity is attained.  The silence and the peace of the glide, gently exploring lakeshores, noticing the interplay of wildlife and the environment, it is respite from the modern world, it gives us an opportunity to re-charge.  Our minds unwind, even relax, as our eyes follow the pristine shoreline.  All of that comes to a screeching halt when someone decides it’s time for a splash war!  Reminicent of the Resort Days and Summer Camp Fun.  Hidden spots, tucked away swimming areas, and sweet Northwoods lake paddling await!

Why Snowshoe?

Snowshoeing the steep backcountry of Cable, WI
Snowshoe is the only way to gain access to some backcountry spots! This guided tour was split b/w fat bike and snowshoe, keeping helmets and skullcaps on all tour prevented heat loss.

Because they are the most accessible, purest form of silent backcountry travel that leaves no trace once the snow melts.  Our snowshoes have great easy-on/easy-off bindings that stay taut in the deepest of Northwoods’ snow!  Using our Tubbs snowshoes/poles/gaiters, coupled with your layered clothing, you are ready to access routes with us and take in great views deep within the untracked backcountry of Cable, WI.  This is a great way to get your group to places most people don’t get to see with NO IMPACT!!!