Up North Guided Tour Shop in Cable, WI
The Up North Guided Tours Shop in Cable, WI
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour!
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour!

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Up North Guided Tours is your premier Northern Midwest Fat Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tour, Equipment Rental, and Apparel Sales company.  We have your outdoor adventure needs covered!  At our core we are a Fat Tire Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tour Outfitter, but we also provide you with high-performance Equipment Rentals for your own self-guided tour, and we carry high-quality Apparel to keep you comfortable while out in the woods.

You may be asking, what are Fat Bikes?  Fat Bikes or Fat Tire Bikes are an extension of mountain biking: they are mountain bikes with substantially wider wheels.  You may also be asking, why Fat Bikes and Snowshoes?  Because they make remote areas of the woods more accessible, and they are fun outdoor group activities that get you into amazing natural places!

We operate in Northwest Wisconsin during Winter and Summer months and in the Chicago Area during Spring and Fall months.  For those of you who are planning your active Northwoods getaway, our very private higher-end 3 BR/3 BA Vacation Rental Cabin that is located directly on the trails is available to you (follow the Cabin link above) and will truly complete your trip.

Cabin Accommodations in Cable, WI
The Cabin to Stay @ and Winter Fat Bike/Snowshoe from in Cable!
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour Participant Coming Down TRTS
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour Participant Coming Down TRTS

Tours that are Tailored to any Skill Level

Up North Guided Tours offers 4 great tours in both Northwest Wisconsin and the Chicago Area that are tailored to any skill level so you can enjoy outdoor places you will not find on your own while having group fun!  Our tours range from 45 minutes to 7 hours, and we do guide tours during both day and night hours.

Family Fat Bike Guided Tour
Family Fat Bike Guided Tour
Family Snowshoe Guided Tour
Heading Out on a Family Snowshoe Guided Tour










Corporate Team Building thru Fat Bike Guided Tours
Corporate Team Building thru Fat Bike Guided Tours
Fat Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tours w/ Cabin Accommodations
Weekend at the Cabin plus Fat Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tours





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Fat Bike Guided Tour, Equipment Rental, and Apparel Sales Shop in Cable, WI
Cable, WI Home Base


Night Outdoor Adventure Guided Tour
Illuminate the Night! Take our Night Tour for a Change of Perspective.
Fat Bike Guided Tours for kids and adults
We guide kids and adults on Fat Bike!



Family Fat Bike Guided Tour
Family Fat Bike Guided Tour

Friends Fat Bike Guided Tour
Friends Enjoying a Fat Bike Guided Tour Together

Equipment Rentals and Apparel Sales

Fat Bike Guided Tours, Fat Bike Equipment Rentals, and Fat Bike Apparel Sales
Inside our Fat Bike Shop in Cable


Fat Bike Guided Tour, Fat Bike Equipment Rentals, and Fat Bike Apparel Sales in Northbrook IL
Our Fat Bike Base in Northbrook, IL











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Primitive Fat Bike Trail in Cable, WI
Primitive Fat Bike Trail in Cable, WI

Why Fat Tire Bikes?

Simple, versatility and stability.  Wide wheels not only can be ridden over most types of terrain under most weather conditions, they create more rider stability, which flat out enhances your experience!  We custom fit you on one of our Borealis Flume Fat Bikes and provide you with a Specialized helmet as a part of your guided tour or equipment rental package since we know a good fit and quality equipment matters to you.  Yes, our equipment is sweet and we are ready for you regardless of your height!!!

Why Snowshoes?

Because they are the most accessible, purest form of silent backcountry travel.  Our snowshoes have great easy-on/easy-off bindings that stay taut in the deepest of Northwoods’ snow!  Using our Tubbs snowshoes/poles/gaiters, coupled with your layered clothing, you are ready to access routes with us or on your own and take in great views deep within the untracked backcountry of Cable, WI.  This is a great way to get a group to places most people don’t get to see!!!


A Bit on Cable, WI

Cable is located in Northwestern Wisconsin and has incredibly expansive recreational resources: from river headwaters to some of the clearest lakes in the State, from County to Federally managed rolling forestlands, we all can enjoy hundreds of miles of paddling, snowmobiling, all forms of cycling, hunting and fishing, Nordic skiing, ATV/UTVing, snowshoeing, sail and power boating, hiking and trail running, camping, floating, and relaxing in G-d’s Country!  Cable is long on untouched natural beauty, it boasts a diverse species population (black bear to wolf, porcupine to fox, etc.), and is short on human population and development.  All that combines to make Cable a perfect outdoor person’s getaway.

Cable has made its way as a hub for endurance racing, but we think the recreational resource is so good, it should be enjoyed on non-race days as well.  Although the existing trail system is vast, it can be real confusing.  We also know that the big woods around Cable can be very intimidating when not following a race course with a group of racers. Further, there are entire areas that can be used for recreational purposes that are unmapped, have no signage, offer totally distinct riding experiences, and are not regularly used even by locals.

What we see is that Fat Bike is a great low impact means to access the entire area’s varied natural terrain under most of the extreme weather conditions the area experiences.  To go deeper, Snowshoeing is also a low impact method of getting into the backwoods, and of equal importance but more to the point, Snowshoeing can be done and done efficiently with no prior experience.  Accordingly, Up North Guided Tours is doing its part to promote regular, non-events based, sustainable (we are a small scale company) use of the area’s recreational resource by making the outdoors more accessible via our guided tours and other related recreational support services.