Family FATbike Guided Tour
Northwoods Family FATbike Guided Tour

Outdoor Adventure!

Up North Guided Tours is your go-to for fat bike, snowshoe and canoe small/private group, custom-tailored outdoor adventure in the Cable Area of Northwest Wisconsin for those of any skill level.  We also work with like-minded local guides in other areas to bring your small group of family and closest friends adventure travel, bubbled, 3-night, fully-supported, mostly-cost inclusive, activity-specific, camping or yurt-based trips.  Either way we offer opportunity to re-connect with nature and your closest since our sole purpose is to facilitate and enhance your outdoor experience!  We do it by utilizing higher-end equipment, backcountry routes we help maintain, and safety-certified guides who know our outdoor activities and know how to guide.         

Snow Bike Zen
Snow Bike Zen
Group Snow Bike and Snowshoe
Fat Biking and Snowshoeing are incredibly compatible Winter activities! We can blend fully-supported and self-guided services as easily as we blend activities, it’s your call!

Custom Outdoor Adventure Guided Tours Tailored to any Skill Level

Up North Guided Tours offers 2 Cable Area outdoor adventure day trips that vary in duration and can be tailored to any skill level so you can enjoy beautiful places you will not find on your own while having fun with your own small, private group!  Our tours are either half day (3.5 hrs.) or full-day (7 hrs.), and we do guide during both day and night hours in all seasons with your reservations made in advance.  Regarding COVID-19: we are open for guided tour participants only; we sanitize commonly used surfaces before/after each tour; masks worn pre/post tour and while preparing cookouts; medical gloves worn while preparing cookouts; we only guide private/small group tours; social D maintained; rigorous hand washing employed; and almost all of what we do is done outdoors!  
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Up North Guided Tours is featured on Discover Wisconsin's episode, Trails at the Top.
Discover Wisconsin came by during early-’18 for a Custom Fitting, Some Instruction, and a Ride! Trails at the Top aired Ground Hog Day 2019.


Our Adventure Travel Vacation Pods

page is here!  Click on  Adventure Travel Vacation Pods or  the ATVP link on our menu above to read about what vacation pods are and about the Washington State Sea Kayak/Camping trips in later-July 2021 for 6 beginner – intermediate paddlers each and  the Idaho MTB/Yurt early-August 2021 trip for 8 strong intermediate – advanced riders.  These trips operate in a COVID-19 preventative outdoor bubble, where your intimate group has exclusive use of accommodations or campsites, support staff, and equipment during your stay/trip.  Expect mostly-cost inclusive offerings (everything less travel to/fro WA and ID).  Great ways to add to your post-COVID Summer road trip!

Our van and trailer is just a part of how we support your adventure!
True support takes a comprehensive set of equipment.


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Primitive Fatbike Trail in Cable, WI
Primitive Fatbike Trail in Cable, WI


Why Fat Tire Bikes?

2 Brothers riding fat bikes down snow groomed trail in Winter.
Fat Tire Bikes open up all sorts of riding possibilities.

Simple, versatility and stability.  Wide wheels on bikes not only can be ridden over most types of terrain under most weather conditions (with a couple simple component switch-outs), they create more rider stability and are thereby safer, flat out enhancing your experience!  We custom fit you on one of our Borealis Flume Fatbikes and provide you with a Specialized helmet as a part of your guided tour since we know a good fit and quality equipment matter.  

Why Canoe?

Northwoods canoe day trips are kid friendly!
Folks of all ages who visit the Northwoods love to paddle and explore local lakes. Our service is kid friendly/approved and can afford parents some peace and quiet or family outdoor adventure!

It is the traditional Northwoods mode of transportation, and canoe is a great way to explore lakes and shoreline.  Tranquility in the glide, rhythm in the dip of the bow paddle, peace in the silence, and unchanged idyllic shoreline scenary are why folks canoe Up North.  Canoe can certainly be done solo, but paddling together as a small group provides great family/friend bonding opportunities as swimming spots and places to explore abound.  Canoe is also a great way to disconnect from the everyday and re-connect with those closest to you.  Native roots, centuries of travel, and modern materials and technology are at your finger tips.

Why Snowshoes?

Snowshoeing the steep backcountry of Cable, WI
Snowshoe is the only way to gain access to some backcountry spots! This guided tour was split b/w fat bike and snowshoe, keeping helmets and skullcaps on all tour prevented heat loss.

Because they are the most accessible, purest form of silent backcountry travel that leaves no trace once the snow melts.  Our snowshoes have great easy-on/easy-off bindings that stay taut in the deepest of Northwoods’ snow!  Using our Tubbs snowshoes/poles/gaiters, coupled with your layered clothing, you are ready to access routes with us and take in great views deep within the untracked backcountry of Cable, WI.  This is a great way to get your group to places most people don’t get to see with NO IMPACT!!!