Family FATbike Guided Tour
Northwoods Family FATbike Guided Tour

Outdoor Adventure!

Up North Guided Tours is your premier Northwest Wisconsin Fat Bike (FATbike or Fat Tire Bike), Canoe, and Snowshoe Daytripper.  Our sole purpose is to enhance your Northwoods outdoor experience!   

Located in Cable, WI we are a Fat Tire Bike, Canoe and Snowshoe Guided Tour Outfitter that provides you with highly customized outdoor adventure support services.  We also provide you with high performance Equipment Rentals for your own self-guided tours, and we carry high quality Apparel to keep you comfortable while outside.

You may be asking, what are FATbikes?  FATbikes or Fat Tire Bikes are an extension of mountain biking: they are mountain bikes with substantially wider wheels.  We also refer to them as Snowbikes (yes we know there are other “Snow Bikes” out there), Icebikes, and Winter Bikes depending on the Winter conditions we happen to be experiencing at any given time.  You may also be asking, why FATbikes and Snowshoes?  Because they make remote areas of the woods more accessible, and they are fun outdoor group activities that get you into amazing natural places!

Couples Fat Bike Guided Tour
Wife and Husband enjoy a slice of HVN!
FATbike Freeriding
Big Lines Available!
Husband and Wife enjoy guided and supported time in the Northwoods on FATbike riding singletrack trail
“Logistics-Free” couple’s time IN the Northwoods is on r menu!
FATbike warm-up time gets the mind and body ready for challenges and fun to come.
Low-key warm-ups and taking in the scenary set the stage for challenges and fun to come!.

Custom Tours Tailored to any Skill Level

Up North Guided Tours offers 4 Cable area tours that vary in duration and can be tailored to any skill level so you can enjoy outdoor places you will not find on your own while having group fun!  Our tours range from 90 minutes to 7 hours, and we do guide tours during both day and night hours.
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Up North Guided Tours is featured on Discover Wisconsin's episode, Trails at the Top.
Discover Wisconsin came by during early-’18 for a Custom Fitting, Some Instruction, and a Ride! Trails at the Top aired Ground Hog Day 2019.


Equipment Rentals and Apparel Sales

High Performance Canoe Rental Package Available
Yes, our 17′ Tuf-Weave Flex-Core canoe is available for your self-guided tours. Paddles and PFDs for 2 Adults/2 Kids included.
Rent our Fat Bikes and Snowshoes!
Rent our sweet Equipment for your own self-guided tour! (1) High Performance Borealis Flume and Surly (1 medium Moonlander and 1 x-small Pugs) FATbike Rental Packages are $65/day or $75/night, add $35 to day rate for consecutive day and night usage.  Specialty, BIKEPACKING: our Moonlander is front and rear tire “rackable,” add $40 to Moonlander consecutive day rate for racks/paneers/dry bags, and add another $40 for bikepacking cookware.  (2) High Performance Tubbs Snowshoe Rental Packages are $40/day or $45/night, add $25 to day rate for consecutive day and night usage. And (3) for local lake usage, High Performance Wenonah Spirit II Canoe Rental Package for 2 adults/2 kids max for $100/day, $120/night, add $55 to day rate for consecutive day and night usage. Canoe rental price includes drop-off and pick-up at local lake.  Call for package details and reservations.


FATbike Shop Interior in Cable
High Quality Apparel from Specialized, Fox, Royal Racing, RBX, and Bellweather sold here. Gloves for all seasons, skull caps, jerseys, jackets, spandex, shorts, and protective gear for men and women available here.  Prices of our products range from $40 to $179.  We only sell products we use and trust, which means product functionality and quality are proven.


Regarding COVID-19:

Here is what we do to protect you, and we ask you do the same to protect us.  Staff members who show symptoms or have good reason to believe they have been in contact w/ the virus call in and do not come to work (if we need to reschedule, we will contact you w/ as much notice as possible); rigorous hand washing/hand sanitizing performed as a part of pre-tour prep and immediately after tour; groups are kept small; social distancing maintained where practical; masks worn where practical, certainly during tour prep w/ you; Sanitizing of Equipment and Commonly Used Surfaces Regularly performed; discussion/activity performed outdoors; meal Preparation/Wrapping/Bagging performed by food handling professionals; limited physical contact w/ bagged food items by us; physical contact with actual cookout food limited to each tour participant (after food handling professionals, only you touch your cookout food); and indoor/van time limited to necessities.  We work to combat the spread of the Corona virus while providing you with an outlet to outdoor adventure!


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Primitive Fatbike Trail in Cable, WI
Primitive Fatbike Trail in Cable, WI

Why Fat Tire Bikes?

Simple, versatility and stability.  Wide wheels on bikes not only can be ridden over most types of terrain under most weather conditions (with a couple simple component switch-outs), they create more rider stability, which flat out enhances your experience!  We custom fit you on one of our Borealis Flume Fatbikes and provide you with a Specialized helmet as a part of your guided tour or equipment rental package since we know a good fit and quality equipment matters to you.  Yes, our equipment is sweet and we are ready for you regardless of your height!!!

Why Canoe?

It is the traditional Northwoods mode of transportation, and canoe is a great way to explore lakes and shoreline.  Tranquility in the glide, rhythm in the paddle stroke, peace in the silence, and unchanged idyllic shoreline scenary are why folks head North.  Canoe can certainly be done solo, but paddling together as a small group provides great family/friend bonding and team building opportunities.  Canoe is also a great way to disconnect from the everyday, load up, and head out for a few days. Native roots, centuries of travel, and modern materials and technology are at your finger tips.

Why Snowshoes?

Because they are the most accessible, purest form of silent backcountry travel.  Our snowshoes have great easy-on/easy-off bindings that stay taut in the deepest of Northwoods’ snow!  Using our Tubbs snowshoes/poles/gaiters, coupled with your layered clothing, you are ready to access routes with us or on your own and take in great views deep within the untracked backcountry of Cable, WI.  This is a great way to get a group to places most people don’t get to see!!!