Snow Bike Groomed Trail: HVN, Cable WI

Fat Bike and Snowshoe Trails and Routes

Just South of Cable, WI:

We at Up North Guided Tours help to maintain 3 of the area’s Fat Bike trails and routes that are open to the general public, all of which are located just South of downtown Cable: Heaven (HVN), Heaven Extended (HVN X), and Tortoise (TRTS).  All three are East of HWY 63 and West of Randysek Road.  NEW For the Winter of ’18/’19 and Forward: HVN’s Snow Bike Route will mainly follow the power lines, while the intra-woods portion of HVN will be used as a Snowshoe Wonderland!  Truly special stuff!  All 3 make up what we like to refer to as the Mighty North End!  It’s true to it’s name.  HVN and TRTS are within Bayfield County Forestland with access points off Randysek, and HVN X is on a large tract of private land directly to the West of HVN’s far point.  There is next to no signage on these trails and routes, so if you are unfamiliar w/them,if you are open to hiring a guide, and if you have at least an intermediate skill set, take our tours, then you’ll know where you are going for your own future self-guided tours.  All three, but HVN X in particular, are pretty remote and challenging, so be prepared (parts, tools, hydration, nutrition, some medical gear, extra layers, and communication devices with service) or leave it to us.

Heaven (HVN)

Winter Fat Biking on Groomed Trail in Cable, WI

HVN is a route for those with ADVANCED fat bike riding, snowshoeing, and Nordic skiing skills as it contains steep pitches, rougher trail, and one enormously steep hill you hike up before riding down!  It features both open power lines-style and deep forest primitive 2-track riding (although that area will be used for Snowshoeing starting the Winter of ’18/’19).  There is no fat bike and snowshoe signage on the whole trail, but HVN’s entry is just South of the power lines and about 100+ yards North of the North End Cabin.  The signs that used to be at the entry included a Double Black Diamond sign and a Caution Motor/Silent Sports Multi-Use Area sign, so BE CAREFUL/PAY ATTENTION!  Be forewarned.  HVN’s turnaround point (the far point) is on the power lines, up the enormously steep hill, at the deer stand.  With beautiful views in all directions, it’s a great place to catch your breath and gear up for the face-ripping, gravity-based downhill you just climbed!  Tip: once you make the initial minute and 15 second climb up HVN from Randysek, go right on the 2-track out to the power lines, go left at the lines, and follow the power lines to the deer stand.  Tip 2 during non-Winter months: once you come down the enormously steep hill from the deer stand and the following hill, look to your right to cut into the wooded 2-track, and follow same down to Randysek .  Effectively, HVN in the Winter is a fat bike barnburner; and HVN in the Summer is an incredibly diverse fat bike loop that throws a lot of terrain at a rider in a short period of time!  HVN is open so long as Bayfield County Forestry and/or CAMBA have not closed area trails, so it is generally open during Summer, Fall (except during deer season), and Winter seasons.  We groom HVN in the Winter for snow biking as much as we can, typically Thursday nights.

Fat Bike Trail in Cable, WI
Looking up HVN’s Lanes just above Randysek
Fat Biker coming down the Power Lines of the HVN trail in Cable, WI
Fat Biking the power lines of HVN, Cable WI: different than Winter, eh?

Heaven Extended (HVN X)

Winter Fat Bike Groomed Trail
HVN X: A Flow Section

HVN X, like HVN, is for those with ADVANCED skills  due to several enormous steeps/a gravity section/prolonged climbs, and it blends open power lines-style riding with 2-track riding; but unlike HVN, HVN X is only open for snow biking, snowshoeing, and Nordic skiing from mid-December thru mid-March.  Yes, that is right, HVN X is a WINTER ONLY Fat Bike Trail.  Please note that: HVN X is the most remote trail we help to maintain, as it starts and ends at HVN’s far point, the deer stand; like HVN, it contains some the most challenging terrain in the entire area; and HVN X’s challenges reward you with some of the very best backwoods views.  Follow our 33” groomed lane around HVN X’s big-ass loop, you will not be disappointed!  It is the real deal as it incorporates Flow, Gravity, and Enduro forms of off-road winter riding.  We groom when we can, typically Thursday nights.

Winter Fat Bike Route with Views in Cable, WI
One of many great HVN X vantage points!


Tortoise (TRTS)

Winter Shared Use Groomed Trail: Fat Bikes and Snowmobiles in Cable, WI
TRTS: Shared Use Trail, Fat Bikes and Snowmobiles

TRTS is an INTERMEDIATE snow bike route that is best categorized as cross country riding, so get ready to do some sustained climbing!  No bicycles are allowed on TRTS any time of year, except Winter.  TRTS is also a snowmobile route, so exercise extreme CAUTION/play defense.  Accordingly, please do not wear ear buds, keep all your senses alert, and remember that “sharing (trail) is caring.”  Outside of TRTS’s cross country aspect, it is important in that it is the first corridor where Fat Bike and snowmobiles share use in all of Bayfield County!  Tip 1: pull off to the side when you hear snowmobiles and figure they are not looking for you.  Snow drifting does happen on this trail, so Tip 2: we groom on the Western side of the trail.  Remember, TRTS has no Snow Bike signage, so the Northern Entry of TRTS is off Randysek at the Southeastern corner of the Deer Ex-Closure fence.  Tip 3:  when starting TRTS from its Northern Entry, you follow the fenced Deer Ex-Closure for about 200 yards, then go left at the split so you are heading away from the Ex-Closure in a perpendicular fashion (and visa versa when heading North from TRTS’s Southern Entry off Randysek).  Tip 4: TRTS’s Southern Entry is marked by a yellow Timber Sale sign.  We groom when we can, typically Thursday nights.

For a self-guided tour…

If you are looking for a self-guided tour, come to our shop in downtown Cable during Summer and Winter months to rent our higher-end Borealis Flume fat tire bikes and Tubbs Wilderness 30 snowshoes, or give us a call about our Chicago Area equipment rentals during Spring and Fall.  We will custom fit you to our equipment, and we will provide you with riding directions and area tips.  And of course, if you forgot apparel at home or are looking for new items, we have a solid selection for you to choose from.


Have a ton of safe fun!!!