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Summer Pictures

Josh preparing a cookout.  Breakfast for Dinner: scrambled eggs w/ WI 2-yr aged Cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, and an assortment of fruit.  Transition b/w a bike morning and a canoe afternoon.
Breakfast for Dinner separated the bike morning from the canoe afternoon on this solo Full-Day tour.


Campfires are a part of Northwoods life and our guided tours!
Classic Northwoods Moments!


After campfires, we make sure our fires are out by soaking the pit. We symbolize same by crossing live leaves.
Shop Fire Pit after use. Dry, warm, little humidity and wind… We keep our fires controlled and put ’em out by soaking when done!


Riding bike in the woods is a great way to connect with our kids!
Some of the best moments are on bike, in the woods, w/ family!
Canoe paddling on a crystal clear Northwoods lake!
Canoe paddling Cable Area lakes. Oh the crystal!
FATbike Freeriding
Big Line!


Husband and Wife enjoy guided and supported time in the Northwoods on FATbike riding singletrack trail
“Logistics-Free” couple’s time IN the Northwoods is on r menu!


Guided Bike Tour pic in Northwoods on discontinued train trestle over the Namekagon in the rain.  Positive spirits, the spots, and the rain made the outdoor adventure!
The sun did eventually come out for us!
Couple's FATbike Tour of the Backwoods
Couple enjoying FATbike together!
Couple's Summer FATbike Backwoods Tour
Power lines lead us into a section of the backcountry. This couple is so playful!
Women like Freeriding FATbike!
She’s got this!
Some Terrain is better suited for FATbike exploration!
FATbike-Specific Terrain for U to Explore


Our Cable Area over-nighter features classic Northwoods cook outs, w/ canoe in the background a good egg breakfast provides energy for the day!
Not a bad spot for breakfast….


Advanced Fat Bike Tour
Yes, you can bring your own Fatty! We’ll show you some spots.


Body position matters in FATbike
Compact body position: like a bullet, or is it a tank???


Gotta relax after FATBike!
Bringing people together!
Mom and Son FATbike Guided Tour!
Mom and Son FATbike Tour!
Couples FATbike Guided Tour
Couples Time Away: Guided Summer FATbike Tour
Buds at the Highpoint
Buds at a High-Point.
Night FATbike Guided Tour
Night FATbike Guided Tour!
Illuminated night view by fat bike.
Night Tour View!
Family Time in the Woods!
Friends Fat Bike Guided Tour
Friends Enjoying a Fat Bike Guided Tour Together
Fat Bike Guided Tour Host and Hostess
Your Hostess and Host.
Fatbike Equipment Rentals
Father and Son FATbike Time!
Solo Rider Guided Tour
Solo Participant!


Family Fat Bike Guided Tour
Father and Son Ride Time!
FATbike Primitive Trail in Cable: Advanced Guided Tour
Steeper Power Lines Ride Well!


Our camp outs take folks to idyllic spots, this one is a Summer Northwoods lake view of a teenager sitting on a boulder in the sun looking out.
With all the canoeing, hiking, biking and camping, you may wonder if there is time to just enjoy our Cable Area camp outs…

Fall Pictures came up for a customized FATbike tour and stir fry cooked over coals in the great outdoors!
Husband+Wife Adventure Travelers, HoneyTrek, came out to check out the backcountry. Time in the hills, time at a favorite lake spot!
Riding bike in the woods during the Fall is a great way for couples to re-connect.
Those crisp Fall Cable mornings on bike do replenish the soul! What a way to re-connect.
Couples getaway on Fat Bike in the big hills during peak Fall season.
Couple’s time, path less traveled!
Riding Fat Bike in the Fall on wide, grassy trail.
Working the uphill does indeed make the downhill more rewarding!
Fat Bike Guided Tours for Kids and Adults
The Next Generation of Strong Riders! Cable, WI


Night Fatbike Guided Tour
Night FATbike Guided Tour


FATbike Guided Tours thru Grasslands
Low-Key and Scenic FATbike Cruise


Fat Bike Early AM Workouts
AM Workout Ride Break


FATbike action at the Shop's Home Trail
Local Action at the Shop’s Home Trail!


Family FATbike Guided Tour
Heading Out


Local ladies come out to ride gravel in the late-Fall.
Local fun!
FATbike Guided Tour for Beginners
Great Intro FATbike Ride!


Gravel Guided Tour thru Chicago Area Prairies
Gravel Riding through Pristine Prairie


Fat Bike Guided Tours are Fun!
Fooling Around Post-Ride!

Winter Pictures

Guides on HVN
Guides on the wooded portion of HVN, huge thank you to Matty Vincent (left), very positive force!


2 Brothers riding fat bikes down snow groomed trail in Winter.
Fat Tired Bikes open up all sorts of riding possibilities.
Family Snowshoe Guided Tour
Heading Out on a Family Snowshoe Guided Tour!
Female Fat Bike tour participants getting serious before the downhill!
Go Time!
Family poses for a Winter Fat Bike picture mid guided tour in Cable, WI
Family Outdoor Time 2020
Sisters Enjoying outdoor time together.
Sisters enjoying outdoor time together!


Sisters ride FATbike together on the steeps w/ a bit of snow
Sisters enjoying a little number we call Purgatory.
Sisters FATbiking the big hills of Cable, early-Winter conditions
Sisters riding the big hills!
Our Favorite Lake
The beaten path does not lead here.
Father and Sons heading out for a Snowbike ride.
Father and Sons heading out for a Snowbike.


Snowshoe and fat bike, access the backcountry!
Just before heading out.


Fat Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tours
Northwoods Living!

Winter Fat Bike Groomed Trail


Snowbike Beauty!


Winter Fatbike Jumping
Snowbike Jumping
This Family Snowshoe Guided Tour took Participants to Secret Sledding Spots!
Yes, we can take you to tucked back, hard to find spots for your kids to sled via Snowshoe!


A Favorite Snowbike Cruise
Idyllic stop along one sweet stretch of backroad bliss.


Guided Snowbike Tour on our Trail, HVN
Winter Gravity!


Powder Day Hike and Snow Bike
Powder Day Hike and Bike
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour, thank you to Jerry Wright for your assistance early on! Late-December 2016.
Snowbike Guided Tour!
TRTS, a Little Winter Diddy!

Spring Pictures

FATbike Gravel
Early Spring Gravel

Low-Key and Scenic Tour for Nature LoversFat Bike Guided Tour Scenic Routes in the Chicago Area


Fat Bike Guided Tour
Getting Out There!
Fat Bike Guided Tours
Spring is in Full Swing!

Apparel Sales Picture

Fat Bike Apparel
These guys are happy with the apparel they bought from us. Thanks guys!


The videos we originally posted here never played right, so we deleted them!  Please see the top or bottom of any of our site’s pages and follow the YouTube link to see some of our videos.  We DO guide tours for all skill levels in diverse weather conditions, but our YouTube Channel has some video that is geared towards more advanced riding.  Grain of salt please…  We’ve learned a bit, accordingly, our videos have been trimmed down and low-key music has been added.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your viewing!  We look forward to meeting you and facilitating your outdoor adventure.  Thx!