Summer Pictures

Couple's FATbike Tour of the Backwoods
Couple enjoying FATbike together!


Advanced Fat Bike Tour
Yes, you can bring your own Fatty! We’ll show you some spots.


Women like Freeriding FATbike!
She’s got this!


FATbike Freeriding
Big Line!


Body position matters in FATbike
Compact body position: like a bullet, or is it a tank???
Gotta relax after FATBike!
Bringing people together!


Boys before ride.
Get your group together, time to see places and ride trail others don’t!


Mom and Son FATbike Guided Tour!
Mom and Son FATbike Tour!


Couples FATbike Guided Tour
Couples Time Away: Guided Summer FATbike Tour


Night FATbike Guided Tour
Night FATbike Guided Tour!
Family Time in the Woods!

Your Host and Hostess

Fat Bike Guided Tour Host and Hostess


Fatbike Equipment Rentals
Father and Son FATbike Time!
Family Fat Bike Guided Tour
Father and Son Ride Time!


FATbiker coming down the Powerlines of the HVN trail in Cable, WI
Pretty darn FATbike-specific, eh? Not just a Winter thing!


Fall Pictures

Fat Bike Guided Tours for Kids and Adults
The Next Generation of Strong Riders! Cable, WI
Night Fatbike Guided Tour
Night FATbike Guided Tour
FATbike Guided Tours thru Grasslands
Low-Key and Scenic FATbike Cruise
Fat Bike Early AM Workouts
AM Workout Ride Break
Fat Bike is for All Age Groups
Cable in the Fall!


Family FATbike Guided Tour
Heading Out
FATbike Guided Tour for Beginners
Great Intro FATbike Ride!
Gravel Guided Tour thru Chicago Area Prairies
Gravel Riding through Pristine Prairie
Fat Bike Guided Tours are Fun!
Fooling Around Post-Ride!

Winter Pictures

Our Favorite Lake
The beaten path does not lead here.


Father and Sons heading out for a Snowbike ride.
Father and Sons heading out for a Snowbike.


Fat Bike and Snowshoe Guided Tours
Northwoods Living!

Winter Fat Bike Groomed Trail


Snowbike Beauty!


Winter Fatbike Jumping
Snowbike Jumping

Tour Participant Coming Down TRTS
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour


This Family Snowshoe Guided Tour took Participants to Secret Sledding Spots!
Yes, we can take you to tucked back, hard to find spots for your kids to sled via Snowshoe!
A Favorite Snowbike Cruise
Idyllic stop along one sweet stretch of backroad bliss.
Guided Snowbike Tour on our Trail, HVN
Winter Gravity and Pump Track!
Powder Day Hike and Snow Bike
Powder Day Hike and Bike
Group Snow Bike and Snowshoe
Have it both ways! Your group can Snow Bike and Snowshoe from the same place at the same time thru us!
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour
Winter Fat Bike Guided Tour

Spring Pictures

FATbike Gravel
Early Spring Gravel

Low-Key and Scenic Tour for Nature LoversFat Bike Guided Tour Scenic Routes in the Chicago Area


Fat Bike Guided Tour
Getting Out There!


Fat Bike Guided Tours
Spring is in Full Swing!

Apparel Sales Picture

Fat Bike Apparel
These guys are happy with the apparel they bought from us. Thanks guys!


The videos we originally posted here never played right, so we deleted them!  Please see the top or bottom of any of our site’s pages and follow the YouTube link to see some of our videos.  We DO guide tours for all skill levels in diverse weather conditions, but our YouTube Channel has some video that is geared towards more advanced riding.  Grain of salt please…  We’ve learned a bit, accordingly, our videos have been trimmed down and low-key music has been added.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your viewing!  We look forward to meeting and riding with you soon.