Guided Tours

Fat Bike Tour
Family Guided FATbike Tour

Up North Guided Tours is focused on you, your expectations, and your outdoor adventure in the Cable Area with us whether it be by fat bike, snowshoe and/or canoe!  Our dedication to you is in our comprehensive support services, outdoor safety preparedness, backcountry knowledge and familiarity which creates memorable off-the-beaten-path outdoor experience, attention on customer service/your experience, high performance equipment, and lead guide who knows how to provide challenge without going overboard while remaining flexible and adaptive on-the-fly as circumstances dictate.  We have an extensive playbook of tour routes and idyllic views that people do not find on their own, as we strive to get you out of the periphery and into the backcountry!   

Family enjoying the outdoors on FATbike in early-Winter ‘20.
Family Bonding and Outdoor Fun, mid-Dec. ‘20.
Guided and Illuminated FATbike Tour at Night
Guided Nite FATbike Tour
Canoe Guided Tour
Northwoods Guided Canoe Tour of local lake, very kid friendly!
Family Snowshoe Guided Tour
Heading Out on a Family Snowshoe Guided Tour!

Our guided tours are custom tailored to your interests, experience, and physical condition.  We are not just talking about taking you on routes that are appropriate for your skill level.  Your tour is private to you/your group since we do not put different groups together on the the same tour.  We listen to and come through with what you want, as some want views while others want terrain diversity, some want the secret trails/spots, and others want personalized instruction.  We are flexible and do cater to small groups of family, friends and colleagues who are looking for supported, outdoor bonding/team building opportunities!


Couples connecting in Cable, WI while riding Fat Bike together!
Couples re-connecting in the great outdoors was a huge part of 2020!
Couples Fat Bike Guided Tour
Wife and Husband enjoy a slice of HVN!


Guided Tour participant gets some Sun in front of an idyllic Northwoods lake spot after the storm cleared.  Outdoor adventure!
Downpour days can be rescheduled, no problem. But those who still want to go are rewarded handsomely!
FATbike Guided Tour
Corporate Team Building FATbike Guided Tour
Snowbike Guided Tour!
Snowbike Guided Tour!


Your Guide

Lead Guide of Top of Trail We Groom
Josh Winter of ’18/’19, -28F.

Your lead guide, Josh Washlow, has been canoeing and camping in the Cable area since 1981, riding off-road bike since ’83/fat bike since 2009, backcountry snowshoeing since the Winter of ’93/’94, and a Wilderness First Responder since 2016.  Josh fosters backcountry skills growth through appropriate challenge, low-key instruction, encouragement, and safety precautions, but the fun in all of this is not lost on Josh.  It’s all about you enjoying the outdoors!

Seasons/Times Open:

Any season at any time with your reservations made at least a few days in advance!


Cable Area Day Trip Guided Tours:


3.5 Hrs.
$270 for 1 – 3 participants, $80 for each additional participant, includes healthy/local sandwich dinner (can be “to go”), tours can be single or multi-activity based; and         


7 Hrs.
$495 for 1 – 3 participants, $150 for each additional participant, includes healthy/local sandwich dinner (can be “to go”) or cookout, tours are multi-activity based.

*Add $80/Participant (plus tax) who requires additional fat bike equipment beyond our available fleetBike fleet availability is first come, first served.  Our full fleet consists of 4 Borealis Flumes (15″, 17″, 19″ and 21″), a medium Surly Moonlander, and a x-small Surly Pugs.

*Add $100/Canoe (plus tax) for each canoe required by your group beyond our Spirit II 4 seater (can come with 2 removable seats).  Canoe availability is first come, first served. 

*Please note, we have 10 sets of Tubbs Wilderness 30 snowshoes. 

Stir fry prepared over coals in a truly idyllic setting.
Our cookout menu is based on your diet! This was a vegan stir fry after an epic ride!
Clinic Instruction for our Advanced Riders starts at our Shop's Home Trail
If instruction is what you want, “tours” become clinics. just give us the head’s up!

Cable Area Over-Nighter:

We blend a classic Northwoods camp out with two full-day guided tours for 1 – 3 participants!  Add to 2 full-day guided tours: evening/early-morning activities; 2 campsites; supper; campfire fun; star gazing; a 3-person tent; breakfast; and camp out-style snacks.  All meals are cookouts!  Our first day starts at 9:00 AM, and our second day concludes at 4:00 pm.  Our over-nighter is available early-June – mid-October.

$1,075 for 1 -3 Participants. Price includes everything less your travel to and from the Cable Area.  Great for small families and groiups of friends who are within a few hours of the Cable Area!

Camp outs provide teenagers many opportunities to show their independence.  This kiddo prepared and cooked puffer burgers and veggies over the camp fire himself.
Camp outs provide kids many opportunities to show their independence. Cooking puffer burgers and veggies are kid dinner favorites!

Cable Area 2-Nighter:

Our 2-Nighter is for those of you who are coming to the Cable Area from a ways away!  This guided tour is our Over-Nighter plus an additional night of camping, more evening and early-morning activities, a 2nd supper and breakfast, and scheduling that is better for you road warriors!  This guided tour starts by meeting at our campsite by round 5:00 PM your first night, and your 2nd day starts with a sunrise paddle and concludes round 2:00 PM for ample driving time.  Our Cable Area 2-Nighter is available June – mid-October.

$1,250 for 1 – 3 Participants.  Price includes everything less your travel to/fro the Cable Area.  Great for small families and groups of friends who are coming to the Cable Area from more than a few hours away!

Our camp outs take folks to idyllic spots, this one is a Summer Northwoods lake view of a teenager sitting on a boulder in the sun looking out.
With all the canoeing, hiking, biking and camping, you may wonder if there is time to just enjoy our Cable Area camp outs…