Guided Tours

Fat Bike Tour
Fully-Supported Family Time in the Cable Area! These folks have played hard together for years!

We lead fully-supported day trip and camp out guided tours in the backcountry of the Cable Area of Northwest Wisconsin!  Our Day Trips go out any Season less Mud, and our Over-Nighters go out from Mid-Spring thru Mid-Fall.  We blend seasonally and conditions appropriate fat biking, snowshoeing, hiking, and local lake canoeing and do offer car, backpacking, bikepacking and canoe-camping opportunities.  Safety and being prepared are our Mantras.  We have extensive backcountry knowledge and familiarity that get you to off-the-beaten-path places others don’t find, all our equipment is geared towards performance, and then there’s our lead guide, he knows how to provide challenge without going overboard.  Time to get out there! 

Canoe guided tour of local lake during the Fall
Gorgeous Paddling
Group Winter Fat Bike and Snowshoe
We can blend self-guided and guided services as easily as we blend activities. Our service done your way!

Our guided tours and routes are custom tailored to your small group’s interests, experience, and physical condition.  Your guided tour is private to you/your group, we do not put different groups together on the the same tour.  We listen to and come through with what you want, as some want views while others want terrain and trail diversity, some want the secret trails/spots where others want personalized instruction.  We are flexible and do cater to small groups of family, friends and colleagues who are looking for supported, private, outdoor bonding/team building opportunities!

Your Guide

Lead Guide of Top of Trail We Groom
Josh @ the Top of HVN X Winter of ’18/’19, -28F. We Groom It, Guide It, and Ride It! Enjoy Some Gravity w/ Us!
Lead Guide, Josh hiking in the Cable Area during mid-May 2021.
Those chilly, early mornings are great for hiking, sometimes we catch the bugs sleeping! Josh late-Spring 2021.

Your lead guide, Josh Washlow, has been canoeing and camping in the Cable Area since 1981, riding off-road bike since ’83/fat bike since 2009, backcountry snowshoeing since the Winter of ’93/’94, and a Wilderness First Responder since 2016.  Josh fosters backcountry skills growth through appropriate challenge, low-key instruction, encouragement, and safety precautions, but the fun in all of this is not lost on Josh.  It’s all about you enjoying the outdoors!

Seasons/Times Open:

Any season (less Mud), anytime, day or night with your reservations made at least a few days in advance!  

Equipment, Sides and # of Participants:

7 Fat Bikes: 4 Borealis Flumes (15", 17", 19" and 21"), 1 Surly Pugsley xs, 1 Surly Moonlander med, and 1 Salsa Mukluk med., plus Specialized helmets and Bikepacking Racks and Pannier Bags for guide bike.
10 sets of Snowshoes/Poles/Gaiters: Tubbs Wilderness 30s. 
2 Canoes: Wenonah Spirit II (tandem) ; Northstar Northwind 20 (4-seater); Paddles (mostly Bending Branches) and PFDs (mostly Stohlquist).
Internal Frame Back and Day Packs: 3 Osprey Bags. 
3-Person Tent: Marmot Tungsten.
3-Season/2-PERSON Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat(!): Marmot Yolla Bolly and REI Camp Dreamer Double (best for car and lake canoe camping).
Two 3-Season/Solo Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Mats, One 0 Degree Bag: Marmot (best for back and bikepacking).
2 Camping Pillows: Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core. 
2 Points of Illumination for Night Activity.
All Cookout/Camp Out Culinary Equipment (Jetboil to Coleman)/Cookware (from compact/lightweight equipment and ware to a double burner stove, we have the right equipment for the camping you want to do), Coolers/Cooler Pack, Dry Bags, Tarp, and Bear Canisters.
Platypus Water Filter System, Bottles, Bladders, + Jugs. 
First Aid and 100% Deet Bug Dope.
Hydration (water/Gatorade/lemon tea w/ honey) and Nutrition (Clif Bar).
Equipment Tools.
4x4 10 Passangers plus Driver Van: 2011 Ford E-350. 
*Use of Equipment is Included in Guided Tour Pricing!*

We currently accommodate a maximum of 6 Bike, 10 Snowshoe, 10 Hike, 5 Canoe (can add 2 small children with or w/out drop-in seats), and 2 Camper Participants when using only our equipment

Guided Tour Offerings:

Stir fry prepared over coals in a truly idyllic setting.
Our cookout menu is based on your diet! This was a vegan stir-fry after a backcountry ride for HoneyTrek!


3.5 Hours Total.  3 Hours of seasonally appropriate Fat Bike, Snowshoe, Hike, local lake Swim and/or Canoe time plus local eats! 
$325 for 1 – 3 participants, $100 for each additional participant.  A healthy, locally-sourced, completely fresh meal prepared directly before your guided tour (including beverages) is included w/ our 1/2-Day tours (dietary restrictions and menu discussed before your tour).  Our 1/2-Day tours can focus on one sport or can combine sports, your choice!           


7 Hours Total.  Blend seasonally appropriate Fat Bike, Snowshoe, Hike, local lake Swim and/or Canoe, or focus on one sport alone!  Late-Spring – Early-Fall Full-Day Trips include a healthy, locally-sourced, completely fresh cookout, and Late-Fall – Winter Full-Day Trips include a healthy/locally-sourced/completely fresh meal w/ soup prepared directly before your tour.  Dietary Restrictions discussed beforehand, beverages included. 
$495 for 1 – 3 participants, $150 for each additional participant.  Menu options range from Vegetarian to traditional Northwoods fare w/ plenty of points in between (stir-fry to burgers/brats/grilled chicken sandwiches with cast iron skillet veggies to our specialty matzo ball soup to breakfast for dinner favorites such as eggs/bacon/fresh fruit).

Forested spot by running creek for a day hike dinner.
Sweet spot for a late-Fall Day Hike Dinner!


Big Moon over Lake Owen, campfire time after canoeing, biking and cooking out.
When the day of canoeing, riding, and cooking out is over!


An Up North Guided Base Camp from which we camp, bike, hike, and canoe!
Camp, Bike, Canoe, and Hike!


This Northwoods Camp Out for 1 or 2 participants is two Full-Day guided tours bridged by a fully-supported night under the stars!  Two campsites at a well established Cable Area campground are reserved for your Over-Nighter and serve as home base from which we can backpack or put in from to head out to where we camp for the night, except when bikepacking (we camp along the way).  Please note that bikepacking is currently offered only as an Over-Nighter, we drop supplies the night before, and your guide’s bike packs all required day supplies (bike-glamping).  All dietary restrictions discussed in advance, Vegan/Vegetarian diets accommodated well, all meals prepared outdoors over open flame.  Flexibility reigns, our camp outs, including menu, are individual to what you want understanding backpacking and bikepacking require consolidation.  Accordingly, what follows are suggestions and examples.  Add to our Full-Day guided tours: your choice of car, backpacking, bikepacking or canoe camping; a supper (Salmon or Steak, with Rice or Veggies, or Pasta with Fresh Veggies (while backpacking) are favorites) and beverages (including brew as it is WI); campfires; additional evening and early morning activities; a Pancake or Egg or Oatmeal breakfast with bacon/fresh fruit/coffee; and classic Northwoods river food snacks (smoked fish or Elk sausage w/ an aged Cheddar over crackers).  We typically start at 9:00 AM the first day at our shop and conclude by 4:00 PM the following day.  For your privacy, your guide stays at an adjacent “campsite” in his own tent.  Bring your camping and adventure appropriate clothing (list to be provided upon your reservation), we cover the rest!  All-inclusive less your travel expenses to and from Cable price of $1,075 for up to 2 participants.


This Northwoods Camp Out for 1 or 2 is geared for those who want a more in depth outdoor experience and are traveling more than a few hours to the Cable Area.  It is our Over-Nighter with different scheduling, plus a 2nd night of campfires + star gazing (car, backpacking, canoe camping, and/or a mix of two of the three camping options), a 2nd camp fire supper and beverages, a 2nd energizing breakfast with coffee and juice, and more evening and early morning activities!  The 2nd night allows us to backpack deeper into the woods and explore the lakes in a more comprehensive fashion than our Over-Nighter.  We meet at 5:00 pm the first evening at your campsite, and we conclude by 2:00 pm your final day for ample travel time.  All-Inclusive less your travel expenses to and from Cable price of $1,350 for up to 2 participants. 

Clinic Instruction for our Advanced Riders starts at our Shop's Home Trail
If instruction is what you want, “tours” become clinics, just give us the head’s up! Note: we are not MTB “coaches.” You can rely on our 30+/- years of experience.