FATbike and Snowshoe Guided Tours

Fat Bike Tour
Northwoods Family FATbike Guided Tour
Couple's Summer FATbike Backwoods Tour
Couple’s Backwoods FATbike Tour


Canoe Guided Tour
Northwoods Guided Canoe Tour

Up North Guided Tours is your premier Northwest Wisconsin FATbike, Canoe and Snowshoe Guided Tour company because of our focus on you!  That focus includes our outdoor safety processes, procedures, and preparedness; experienced and knowledgeable guides; extensive playbook of tour routes for any skill level, many of which people do not find on their own; high performance Borealis Flume and Surly fat tire bike, Tubbs snowshoe, Wenonah canoe, illumination, and safety equipment; and location in Cable, WI (a true Sportsperson’s Paradise).  We combine the foregoing to provide you with a comprehensive recreational day trip service geared towards facilitating and enhancing your outdoor experience!

Our guided tours are offered during both day and night hours, equipment is included, and our guided tours are customized to you and your interests.  We are not just talking about tailoring your guided tours to your skill level.  Our guided tours are limited to 6 bike, 3 canoe, and 10 snowshoe participants max.; private tours are available; we regularly take out solo participants; and we cater to groups and your special events irrespective of whether your group is comprised of family, friends, or colleagues who are looking for team building opportunities.  You may be asking, who takes the tour?  Answer: active people who like the outdoors and want a supported outdoor adventure!  Perfect for family, friends, small corporate and charitable groups, mountain bikers who want the fat tire bike experience, and mountain bikers who are unfamiliar with the area.  Explore with us!

Guided Tour participant gets some Sun in front of an idyllic Northwoods lake spot after the storm cleared.  Outdoor adventure!
Downpour days can be rescheduled, no problem. But those who still want to go are rewarded handsomely!
Family Snowshoe Guided Tour
Heading Out on a Family Snowshoe Guided Tour
FATbike Guided Tour
Corporate Team Building FATbike Guided Tour
Snowbike Guided Tour!
Snowbike Guided Tour!

Your Lead Guide

Lead Guide of Top of Trail We Groom
Josh Winter of ’18/’19, -28F.

Your lead guide, Josh Washlow, has been a silent sports participant in the region since 1981, has been riding off-road bikes since 1983, and is a Wilderness First Responder.  Josh fosters your backcountry skills growth through instruction + encouragement in a non-competitive fashion.  His philosophy is to promote group outdoor fun and enjoyment without compromising safety.  Josh’s goal is to facilitate and enhance your outdoor experience, which is what Up North Guided is all about!

Seasons Open:

Non-Mud Season Spring, Summer, Early Fall and Winter by your Reservations made in advance.  Give us a call/text (715/413-2076) or shoot us an email (josh@upnorthguidedtours.com) to get started.  Let us know dates you want to go out, what sport(s) you want to participate in, the size of your group, your group’s average physical condition/skill level, and what you want to get out of your time with us (some want views, some want lesser known routes, some want instruction, etc.).  We can customize your experience from there!


*A Bit

1.5 Hrs
$69 / Participant

*Just Right

3 Hrs
$99 / Participant

**Now You’re Out There

5 Hrs
$159 / Participant


7 Hrs
$199 / Participant

*All Tours can be made PRIVATE!  Add $15/Participant.

**Now You’re Out There and ***Epic include a healthy meal.

***Epic Tours combine FATbiking and Canoeing or Snowshoeing.  However, hiking and swimming can be added during non-Winter months.  We are flexible and will come through with what you want, just call!

Clinic Instruction for our Advanced Riders starts at our Shop's Home Trail
If instruction is what you want, “tours” become clinics. Just give us the head’s up!

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