Fat Bike Tour
Beautiful backcountry lines await!
Couples Fat Bike Guided Tour
Wife and Husband enjoy the Power Lines portion of HVN! Soooo playful!
Couples connecting in Cable, WI while riding Fat Bike together!
Couples connecting in the great outdoors.
Guided Tour participant gets some Sun in front of an idyllic Northwoods lake spot after the storm cleared. Outdoor adventure!
Downpour days can be rescheduled, no problem. But those who still want to go are rewarded!


HOURS: Available to facilitate your outdoor experience in Cable, WI anytime less Mud Season with your Reservations Made at Least a Few Days in Advance.  Let us handle the logistics, you have all the fun! 

Questions; ready to book your Fat Bike, Snowshoe, Hiking and/or Canoe Day Trip or Camp Out Guided Tour; or ready to book your Equipment Rentals?  

Tour Guide Contact (email and phone/text):


Up North Guided Tours is featured on Discover Wisconsin's episode, Trails at the Top.
Discover Wisconsin came by the Shop for a Custom Fitting, Some Instruction, and a Ride during early 2018! Trails at the Top first aired Groundhog Day 2019. It’s a fun watch!
Fat Bikers on gentle, wide, grassy trail.
Parting Shots: The beauty of a Couple Riding in these Hills is not lost on us!
Fat Bike Father and Son Tour
Parting Shots: Father and Son Connection Made!