Adventure Travel Vacation Pods

Adventure Travel Vacation Pods refer to COVID-19 vaccinated, small, private groups of family/close friends who take bubbled, mostly-cost inclusive, fully-supported, multi-night, outdoor trips together. Small means each trip is limited to 6 participants. Private refers to one group of family/close friends per trip. “Bubbled” means each group has exclusive access during the stay/trip to campsites, support staff, and all equipment including the passenger shuttle van, which will be sanitized before and after the trip. Mostly-cost inclusive refers to the cost of each trip, which includes everything, except participant travel to the trip pick-up and from the trip drop-off location. Fully-supported means that we are working with very experienced local guides and that we together cover: shuttle, guide, food and beverage, accommodations, and equipment services. Accordingly, we have logistics-free, get away from it all, outdoor experiences in mind for your group!

Washington State Sea Kayak Trips in late-July 2021:

Sea Kayak Adventure Travel Vacation Pod, p. 1
Sea Kayak Adventure Travel Vacation Pod, p. 2