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Blog 13: Shewahmegon ’81

Leaning back against the old lodge siding in the screened-in, the boy looked out at the bay of the Northern end of the Lake. It was his third day of being away from his family for the first time. The scene was grey as the rain steadily came down in mid-June, but the boy knew there was something special about Lake Owen. Couldn’t help it, but the tears ran down his face, no sobbing, just silent tears.

One of the older boys noticed, threw his right arm around the boy’s shoulders, looked him in the face w/ a smile, and asked: “what’s wrong little dude?” The boy thought, nothing much to say: “oh, it’s been raining for 3 days.” “Don’t worry bud, this will be the best Summer of your life.” The boy took comfort, opened himself up to making new friends, learned how to drop a water ski, paddled, camped, and became one of the boys. Nothing quite like Lake Owen: clear water, islands, and very little change. Nothing quite like Shewahmegon either.

Shewahmegon is now long gone, but the Chequamegon and the County Forests of my youth are pretty much the same. Sparse human population, enormous natural biodiversity, they contribute a headwater to the Mississippi, and they still have boasting rights to the clearest Lake in the State. One of the last remnants of the Wild Northern Midwest.

For a day excursion with a guide who has been exploring the woods of the Cable Area, WI since ’81, contact us by phone, text, and email as stated on our website for questions, discussion, and to book your reservations. Thank you for reading, here’s to all our health. -Josh 4/28/20

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