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Blog #8: Zen and the Art of Snow Bike

Snow Bike Zen

Zen philosophy can apply to many sports Fatbike is no exception.

Conditions. You know by stepping outside early on any Winter’s day just what kind of Snowbike day it will be.  It’s in the falling snow; it’s in the air you breath; and it’s in the firmness of the ground you stand on.  What is the temperature, are the air and snow moist, is there new snow, how’s the ice factor, how’s the wind, and how direct is that sun?  Your mind and senses already scanned thru the questions, you already know what to do, when to do it, and what is to come.

Equipment. You know what tires you are going to use; how much pressure to start with; and if it’s a plowed gravel, singletrack, frozen lake, or old school slog kind of day.  Of course, you know conditions change, taking a bit out is easier than putting some in, and you don’t need a gauge to tell you PSI since you do it by feel.  You already know that it’s a 2 pairs of wool sox or a ditch the outer shell day, and you know that wearing a rain shell keeps heat in and may have nothing to do with moisture in the air.  Further, you know a Contigo filled with warm lemon tea and honey is good for your soul, spirit, and bod.  

Flow. But most fittingly, you know that when you close your eyes as you approach the berm head on, when you lift on your front end midway up the berm,  and then when you pivot on your rear tire 180 degrees at the top of the berm, you will open your eyes and the berm will be safely behind you.  Sensei!  You know that tapping into The Way is the way.

Remember all you Zen Masters, make sure to have fun and be safe!  You can always practice your art with us.  Thanks for reading!  For more see, email, and call 715/413-2076. 

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