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Blog #6: Fat Bike’s Effect on the Mind

Primitive Fat Bike Trail in Northbrook

Blog 6:

Primitive Fatbike Trail in Northbrook, IL
Primitive Fatbike Trail in Northbrook, IL

If we for the most part forget the physical side of Fatbiking for purposes of this Blog and focus on the positive effects riding Fat Tire Bikes have on us mentally, it’s impossible not to notice at some point during a ride that our attention is diverted from whatever issue we are wrestling with in our minds to our riding, pure and simple.  Taking our minds off issues that can absorb us help us give our minds a break so we can revisit same later and make decisions with a clear head.  I have found that all forms of off-road bike riding have this desirable mental effect.  What makes the Fatbike experience different is the shortened length of time it takes for minds to unwind.  It’s the wide tires, they smooth out your route more than other non-road bikes allowing you to “get into the zone” more quickly.

It’s usually business on my mind.  Yesterday it was AdWords: to use AdWords or not to use AdWords, again…  This campaign will be better, is fat bike a good search term(?), I’ll tailor searches to a smaller group of surrounding zip codes, how much am I going to spend(?), etc.  By the time I’m reviewing a mini-issue for the 5th time I start putting on my bike clothes, filling a water bottle, running through a bike and the gear I’m bringing, and I’m out the door to take a little Fatbike spin.

It was a few blocks to the woods from my office, and when I got in, the sun was just beaming thru the canopy to the forest floor.  Righteous majesty, impossible not to smile.  The forest is lush this early September due to late Summer storms.  The latter season wild flowers cover the floor to both sides of the trail with yellows, whites, and pinks.  My mind was lightening up but open market per click pricing reared its head.  How is it pricing is determined???  Then a root that was noticeably more pronounced than earlier in the season grabbed my attention, and once my composure was regained I focused on gaining riding efficiencies back by limiting the bobbing effect, shifting up by 2 gears, allowing my legs to carry the burden by relieving my lower back of strain with a change of riding position, and of course by keeping my breathing as relaxed as possible.  I love it when efficiencies are paying off, efforts are rewarded by that feeling that you are flowing thru the forest, it’s an “at one with all” sense.  That sun kept breaking thru lighting up leaves and the forest floor, and I couldn’t help but notice how high the first Savannah remnant’s grasses I rode by were.  Leaves were army green, nothing was hinting at Fall yet.  Man was I moving thru the woods!

Sometimes that’s all it takes.  Put the issue down for even a couple moments to take in some nature, get some exercise, do what you enjoy doing, and voila, you are refreshed, ah clarity, the answer presents itself.  Nothing I can do about per click pricing, start with $100/mo. in clicks, limit ad appearances to those searches being made from 5 surrounding zip codes, etc.  Those fat tires do smooth a lot out.

If unwinding and refreshing your mind sound right to you, contact us for a quick fix: and 715/413-2076.

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