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Blog #5: The Importance of Spending Time Together (on Fatbike!)

Fat Bike w/ Our Kids!

Blog 5:

Fat Bike with Kids
O on Fat Bike

A great way to strengthen the bond between us and our kids is to do the activities we enjoy doing, with them.  For our family, it’s Fatbiking.  It’s not just in passing a skill down, and it’s not just in time spent together, it’s really about the quality of time spent together.

Never pushed O to ride bike, pushed in other areas, but there certainly was no pushing of Fat Tire Bike riding.  He got interested about a year ago when his cousin started riding fat and when he saw his buds cruising the neighborhood on bike.  O’s not shy and quickly asked about our XS Pugsley, and just as quickly, was off on bike!  Exposure, availability, interest, and motivation = your kids are doing what you love doing, WILLINGLY.  The door is open.

Took O for his first Snow Bike ride on MLK Day 2018.  Chicagoland just got a good 4 inches, and the roped-off parking lot to our local forest preserve served as a perfect testing ground granted the untracked snow over a firm, predictable base.  O’s smile, priceless.  It was a short testing session, since breaking him in slow, without exhausting him, was key in maintaining his interest.

O’s First Look at Snowbike

But O’s first trail ride on a fatty, a ride that lasted no longer than 33 minutes on mostly flat and wide gravel, was the high point of the first half of the year!  Riding thru in bloom prairie and forest was not lost on O, but every time I turned around, it wasn’t a smile, it was game-face time, a face of determination. I know that face, it’s working on riding faster for longer, and it’s about picking more efficient, direct lines.  No teaching needed, it’s naturally in him.  It’s not that O’s pushing himself doing what I enjoy most, it’s seeing what he is made of.  Quality time together, noticing our similarities, seeing who he is.

O is using Fatbike to push himself and to express a side of what he is.  Perfect, but of equal importance is the bond that strengthens between us when we spend time riding Fat Tire Bike together.  Ride on!

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