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Blog #4: Low-Key Fat Biking is the Way to Start!

Fat Bike by Water to mix riding w/ swimming

Blog 4:

Fatbike Sandy Trail
Fatbike Sandy Trail

People often tell us that Fatbiking is too hardcore.  Our response is that it certainly does not have to be!  Not all of us were born to race, charge the uphills, push the limits on the downhills, and get close to our personal breaking points without breaking.  In fact, most people who are interested in trying off-road cycling simply want to get into the backwoods, get some exercise, and have safe fun.  We agree and can help you get started.

We suggest finding flatter, less technical off-road cycling routes that offer a second activity such as swimming, hiking, or snowshoeing that can be done in the same outing.  That way you can ease into off-road cycling, you re-connect with nature, you get a sweat going without overheating, and your experience is multi-dimensional.  We have those kinds of routes in both the Chicago Area and in the Northwest Woods of Wisconsin, and we can show you the way!

The Chicago Area pictured here is a great example of such a route.  The riding features little to no elevation change, but since there are no notable downhill sections, you are constantly pedaling and getting the exercise you crave.  The only technical aspect of the route is some sand on the trail in a few areas, which is handled easily by you on a fat tire bike.  Accordingly, you will not get discouraged.  That particular route has amazing views of Lake Michigan, it takes you along the last remaining beach ridge shoreline in Illinois, and you ride through constantly changing ecosystems: dunes, to marshland Swales, to prairies, to Black Oak forestland.  Hundreds of plant and animal species can be found along this route, including, believe it or not, the Prickly Pear Cactus.  The trail changes from dirt to crushed limestone to grass, which provides a diverse riding experience.  And of course beach time and playing in the Lake is just a stones throw away from the riding.  It’s the perfect family Summertime afternoon getaway!  Join us this Summer for 1.5 or 3 hours to experience this tour route for yourself.  See, and contact or 715/413-2076.