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What is Up North Guided Tours Doing (w/ Fatbike)?

Family FATbike Guided Tour

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Family Fatbike Tour
Family Fatbike Tour

Rolling Stone and Tim Krabbe would say: To explain (Fatbike) is to diminish.  So let’s leave plenty for you to chew on.

We could tell you all about our purposes of advancing recreational tourism in Northwest Wisconsin, enhancing Northeast Illinois residents’ experience in the outdoors just beyond their own backyards, raising awareness on the potential of fat bike as the ultimate human-powered backcountry travel tool, promoting healthy lifestyle, and advocating for multi-use trail sharing, but yawn: that would bore you to tears.  Up North Guided Tours is really about having safe, non-competitive, GROUP FUN in Midwestern natural areas.  We offer a release from normal, everyday life!

We love and do all forms of off-road riding: from flat gravel to singletrack, from primitive jeep trail to freeriding the steeps.  It’s all fun, it all offers different forms of off-road cycling exercise, and it all provides different types of cycling experience!  We also love to explore on snowshoe.  We blaze our own Winter paths and experience Winter serenity in its purest form.

We don’t do what we do only thru our money-making vehicles of guiding, equipment rentals, and apparel sales, we go much deeper.

We work closely with Bayfield County Forest Department and private owners of large tracts of land to not only open areas to general public biking that were not previously open to same, we also help to maintain those areas.  From basic chainsaw maintenance to snow bike grooming, we love working trail!  We especially love steep trail since we believe there is no riding quite like gravity-based riding, which is somewhat untapped here in the Northern Midwest.

Up North Guided Tours is also behind Cable Night Riders, which provides Cable area youth with an opportunity to ride off-road bike and explore their backwoods for free on Friday nights.  Kids in Cable are an underrepresented group, they simply do not have enough to do.  We give them a productive way to get together, enjoy nature, and blow off steam!

Now, regarding our Guiding, Equipment Rental, and Apparel Sales work, we are focused on providing you with the very BEST SERVICE.  We watch out for your safety like no other and take you on routes that are right for your skill level and interests, we provide you with higher-end and very well maintained equipment, and we only carry the very best in apparel at reasonable prices.  We serve you the way you want and deserve to be served!

Want to know more?  Check us out in person and judge for yourself.  You will have fun and will have a unique experience!  See, and contact or 715/413-2076.

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